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If you’ve ever wondered how to find text messages that are on someone’s cell phone, here’s an easy way you can read someone’s texts without them knowing.  And since people will text about just about anything, this gives you an easy way to find out what someone is up to….

And this will let you do a lot more than just find text messages, you’ll be able to see complete details about anything else the person does on their phone

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find text messagesThe software that I linked to above lets you find text messages from anyone’s cell phone and read any message that they either sent or received.

You can even read any deleted text message!  Any text that the person has sent or received on the phone will be there for you to see without the person ever knowing that you’re able to see them.

The name of the software is “SpyBubble”.  It’s a cell phone monitoring program that has been programmed to let you see anything that someone does on their phone.  And it works for any type of phone (Iphone, blackberry, Android etc)


And as I mentioned before, if you want to find text messages without the person knowing that you are reading their texts, what’s nice is that this software is completely “invisible” so you don’t have to worry about them finding out.


Here’s what you’ll be able to see with Spybubble cell spying software:

    Find text messages from any phone and lets you read all of them, even if deleted

    Look at the person’s complete contact list from the phone

    See the list of phone calls from the phone with details on each call

    Track the location of the phone at any time and see where the phone (and therefore the person) is

    See full details on any mobile web browsing the person has done (facebook, email etc)

    See instant messages sent or received on the phone

And there’s more as well – Click here for complete details



How does the technology to find text messages work?

Spybubble software works by recording and keeping track of everything that happens on the cell phone.  It then periodically sends this information through the internet to a dedicated web server.  You can then view this information by logging on to your account that you have with Spybubble (you’ll get a username and password).

You’ll see different sections that you can browse through.  In one are you can find text messages and see any texts from the phone.  Another section shows you the phone calls from the phone etc.

And this all happens without the person who owns the phone ever knowing!

How To Download Spybubble to Find Text Messages

Downloading and installing Spybubble is extremely easy.  You can have it all setup within a few minutes and the actual installation on the phone isn’t complicated at all.  There are even full video instructions in the member’s area that you can go through.

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And remember that you won’t actually have to touch the phone after it’s installed.  You’ll be able to find text messages from the phone just by logging in to your account.

If you want to find text messages and see complete details on what someone is doing on their cell phone, download Spybubble and you’ll be able to monitor exactly what someone is doing on their phone….


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